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Glenstal Irish Terriers

Dedicated to preserving the health, temperament and beauty of the Irish Terriers according to the Irish Terrier Breed Standard

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Before buying a puppy, ask the breeders if they are members of the Irish Terrier Club of America, and/or the Canadian Kennel Club and in good standing with the American Kennel Club.  A word of caution: though you may be looking for a pet/companion and not a show dog, you should still want to get a puppy from a reputable breeder in good standing with these Clubs/registries.  Members of these Clubs and breeders in good standing with the AKC or CKC (for those breeding in Canada), are bound by a Code of Ethics.  

We strongly recommend you only buy a puppy from members of the Irish Terrier Club of America.  

A tribute to my beloved Braedy, also known as Braedy Boy or Mr. B, the love of my life.  Please read my blog dedicated to the love of my life, my Braedy Boy.  Braedy, I will never forget you and I will never stop loving you and missing you.  Not a day goes by without my thinking of him and missing him.  He had his own personality and one such was how he got up to greet us no matting when or where.  I would say "come here to meeeeee."  I would point to where I wanted and he would come to that spot.  I miss how he'd wrap his arms around us hugging.

Left: On President's Day 2003 we packed up our motorhome and headed down to Oregon to visit his grandma, Robin and all of his redhead family.  Right: Braedy in Yuma, Arizona at one year old.  
Braedy on the left & his 1/2 sister Bronwyn on the right.  They were never without each other.  On our way to Canada for a dog show.  
Braedy and Bronwyn playing 2002 in our home Kent, WA
Braedy & Bronwyn sharing a toothbrush Christmas 2002
Braedy sporting his rain coat in Kent, WA 
Braedy as an 8 week old pup
Braedy was always the nanny to all of our babies as can be seen here in 2005
Braedy teaching Bentley boundaries 2005
My Christmas toy 

Braedy baby sitting Bentley 2005
Braedy on the right with 1/2 sister Bronwyn at a dog show in 2003


CA & US Ch. Glenstal's Hot Topic At Fairplay " Bonham"



Photo by Jessica Nash February 2012

2011 ended with Brannighan receiving his invitation to Westminster 2012.  This was our goal since he was 3 weeks old.  His conformation was undeniable!  

photo by Jessica Nash


Brannighan in the snow storm at home 2012

Photo by Jessica Nash

We are so very proud of Brannighan.  He began his show career at 9 months old and in 3 months he became a Champion.  He received his first Group placement at 10 months old thanks to judge Wyoma Clouss.  He went on to earn a Group 1st in the Bred By Exhibitor Terrier Group thanks to judge Fred Stephens.  At 12 months old he received a Group 2 thanks to judge Fred Stephens and at 13 months old, he received a Group 2 thanks to judge Virginia Lyne.  At 14 months old, he received two group placements.  Thanks to judge Judy Webb, he received a Group 4 and thanks to judge Betty Ann-Stenmark, he received a Group 3.
Ch. Glenstal's Standing Ovation "Brannighan" winning a Group 2 at Vancouver Kennel Club at only 12 months old
Thank you to judge Fred Stephens
breeder/owner handler Jessica Nash
Brannighan wins a Group 3rd at 10 months old
Scott Price handling


Brannighan wins a Group 2nd in the Terrier Puppy Group at the Specialty Show
Scott Price handling

Photo by Jessica Nash 

Brannighan's first show in July 2010 he won Best of Breed/Best of Winners thanks to judge Elliot Wiess!






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