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Glenstal Irish Terriers

Dedicated to preserving the health, temperament and beauty of the Irish Terriers according to the Irish Terrier Breed Standard

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All of our redheads live in our home.  They are family members first and foremost!  Puppies are all raised in their bedrooms with their mum, and all rooms have cameras to monitor all redheads.  Puppies are handled from the instant they are born until they leave our home to go to yours.  We spend countless hours each day caring for them and making sure that when you get your little precious puppy, you get a loving, sweet, playful, confident puppy.  These puppies are accustomed to being picked up, hugged, kissed, being on our laps, having their nails trimmed and beginning stages of grooming.  Weaning begins at six weeks old and is a gradual process.  We do not rush it!  Puppies receive their first vaccinations, three wormings and a thorough health examination from my long time, incredible veterinarian, Dr. Onorati of Des Moines Veterinary Hospital before they leave our home.  We only feed Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish dog food and treats and recommend continuing on this food.  We provide mentorship for the life of your puppy. Call, email or text and we will do our best to help you with concerns or questions or simply share in your delight. We will also take your puppy back at any time or age, should your circumstances change.  None of our redheads will go into rescue or be in shelters for this reason.  All puppies are sold on contracts and EVERY individual puppy in EVERY puppy is registered with the AKC before they leave our home.  


We are located in Roy, Washington, on 16 pristine acres, fully (chain-link) fenced, 7 feet high.  All of our Irish Terriers are raised in our home and they are exercised daily by running and utilizing their natural, instinctive, hunting skills, throughout our property, with supervision at all times.  
Our family consists of Jessica and Jess and all of our beautiful red heads.   Our niece lived with us for 8 years but is no longer living with us.  

Our love for terriers spans over several decades beginning with the Kerry Blue Terrier.  We later owned Manchester Terriers and Scottish Terriers.   We also had a Long Coat Chihuahua and she lived for 15 years with our redheads.   It wasn't until we purchased our first Irish Terrier that we discovered that this is the only breed for us!  We are dedicated to preserving this wonderful breed by selectively breeding healthy and great tempered dogs according to the Breed Standard, and making every effort to place them with the most compatible families.   

We are breeders/owners/exhibitors/groomers! 
All of our Irish Terriers are raised in our home with a tremendous amount of love and attention.  They are extremely active but not hyper.  Puppies are handled by all of us from the moment they are born until they leave our home.  Our dogs are socialized to live in the country as well as the city. 
All of our dogs are interested in hunting anything that comes into our property.  We go out and let them run and we walk with our dogs every day come rain, snow, sleet or shine and they are game for any weather!  I've never had one that didn't like water!  

Photo by Jessica Nash